How to Get a Nobel Prize

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The previous post Is the Cosmological Principle (CP) Valid? suggests the following scientific method to get a Nobel Prize:

  1. Make an ad hoc unphysical assumption like CP: The Universe is isotropic and homogeneous.
  2. Make observations indicating that CP is not valid.
  3. Insist that CP anyway is valid, because a Principle is a principle.
  4. To fit theory and observation, augment CP with an even more unphysical assumption of a completely new form of energy and call it dark energy.
  5. Receive the Nobel Prize for the discovery that (i) CP is not valid and that (ii) there is something called dark energy of which nothing is known.

With this method infinitely many Nobel Prizes can be collected since there are infinitely many ad hoc unphysical assumptions, which can be contradicted by physical observations. Of course infinitely many Prizes requires the Universe to be infinite, which however safely can be assumed, since it cannot be contradicted by observation.


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  1. cementafriend

    I do not think that applies to the peace prize. This last year you needed to be female. Did not Yassa Arafat get one just for being Palesitian. Obama got one for being the first elected Afro-American? as presdident before he actually had done anything in office. Not sure why the Al Gore and the IPCC cabal got one. Maybe for influencing some world leaders with untruths.

  2. claesjohnson

    Yes, the peace prize is political, but the physics prize is also political in the sense of politics of physics.

  3. Richard T. Fowler

    Obama got a prize for Not Being Bush, and not much more than that. Any non-neocon president-elect would have been a serious contender that year.

    Gore and IPCC got a prize for their extremely successful work in brainwashing the masses. Fifteen years ago, there were, I believe, less than 50 million people in the world who would have agreed with the statement that modern society was sustainable with only existing solar and wind technology as energy sources. Today, I believe that number is over 200 million and possibly over 250 million. When one considers that those numbers are concentrated in western Europe and the U.S., it constitutes a political sea change for the world. That extra 150-200 million people, added primarily to those two regions, can constitute a political tipping point, both for national policy and also for UN-level policy. (By UN I mean the Kyoto and successor organizations and the powers that they would wield. Under international law, these powers, once delegated, constitute a subset of UN power and are enforceable by UN organs.)

    For us, such a shift is quite frankly, politically catastrophic and calls for a much more serious response than we are managing thus far, and possibly more than we are capable of mustering. The watermelons know this, and that is why they are celebrating and gloating with the awarding of a Nobel peace prize. “Mission Accomplished”. Maybe not totally, but enough “progress” that they can pause for a little pat-on-the-back.


  4. Liesl Wittgenstein

    Varpå de flesta utläser:
    “Buhuhuhuhu…. de ger mig inte Nobelpriset….. jag som bidragit med så mycket,
    och är det största geni världen skådat……”

  5. claesjohnson

    Nej det är inte riktigt utläst. Tanken är att utsätta även Nobelpris för kritisk granskning, och vetenskap handlar just om kritisk granskning. Att bara gapa och svälja är inte vetenskap, och ger heller inte något Nobelpris.

  6. skakos

    Claes, I really enjoy your writtings. I really think that science dogmatism is the great problem of our time. A new religion is not the solution. And I really hate the “peer review” religion of today. I tried to leave a comment at but could not. If you wish you can also read my work at and at I will certainly come up with more comments in the future now that I have (re)discovered you! 🙂

    Take care!

    PS. Knol was a great starting point! Too bad it died out…

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