Dark Energy and the European Crisis


Here is a little Christmas and New Year puzzle to all readers of The World as Computation:

There is a strong connection between

  • turbulence
  • black body radiation
  • expansion of the Universe driven by dark energy
  • the European economical crisis

which all share the phenomenon of

  • local collapse balanced by global expansion

as explained in

In all cases local break-down is countered by a global reaction/expansion:

  • turbulent dissipation: fine-scale vorticity turned into large-scale heat
  • high-frequency input radiation turned into low-frequency output radiation
  • galaxy formation by local gravitational collapse balanced by galactic separation.
  • Greek collapse expands EU into United States of Europe.

The puzzle is to figure out the details of these scenarios. Blog readers are invited to submit solutions and the best will be awarded.

Below is the New Years SuperNova from my window:


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  1. cementafriend

    Not sure about your theory for Europe. I think it has acted like a star sucking in planets and is about to explode to a form a “red dwarf” at its centre slowing dying and shedding countries like Greece.
    Anyway happy Christmas and prosperous new year.

    • claesjohnson

      Thanks for your comments over the year.

      Happy New Year,


      Sent from my iPad

  2. martenvandijk

    Belgium still produces enough dark ale to help us through this crisis. It gives you energy and it makes you sleep well. Avoid great quantities though because of its accelerating expansion properties.

  3. Hugh

    There’s no connection. It’s not even a vague analogy

  4. Ted


  5. Andi

    It’s the Law of Equilibrium and Law of Energy Conservation at work.

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