Questioning Relativity 19: G.O. Mueller Projekt

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The G.O. Mueller Projekt is a German Research Project aims at collecting a complete documentation of scientific criticism of the special theory of relativity with a first report 95 Years of Criticism of the Special Theory of Relativity (1908-2003) listing 3789 publications, distributed to libraries, the printed media and to eminent representatives of public opinion, with open letters to the members of the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag) and to journalists of several German newspapers.

The report gives an extensive list of “errors” of special relativity with in particular the following listed under Theory of Knowledge being closely related to my criticism presented in this sequence of posts:

  • Declaration of pure “assumptions” to be “principles” and finally “laws” without any further argument or proof.
  • Derivation of positive statements from negations.
  • Relativists pretend that a statement not in contrast to a theory proves the theory.
  • A. Einstein (1905) in his statements about length contraction and time dilatation uses contrasting qualifications: sometimes the effects “are” and sometimes they “appear” to be.
  • Relativists declare experimental results as confirmations of their theory without proving that only relativity theory can explain and predict the results. 
  • Relativists calumniate the common sense as incompetent but fail to show which better sense they are using. 

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