Questioning Relativity 20: Modern Physics as Physicist Theory

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Bohr and Pauli bringing physics to life by observing a tiptop.

Once you start to think about it you will understand that modern physics is a theory about physicists rather than a theory about physics.

This is evident in the observer perspective in the ruling Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics with physics defined to be what can be observed by physicists after “collapse of the wave function” upon observation.

It is also evident in Einstein’s theories of relativity based on “principles” of

  • relativity
  • equivalence
  • constancy of the speed of light in vacuum

combined with perceived impossibilities for different observers to agree on

  • simultaneity
  • rate of time or time unit
  • space or length unit.

We see in both quantum mechanics and relativity a narcissistic obsession into perceptions by physicists which have no counterpart in physics: Physical systems do not care about simultaneity, relativity, time dilation, space contraction or collapse of the wave function. Physics just is and of course exists even when not observed by modern physicists.

If modern physics is a theory about physicists rather than physics, it becomes a part psychology rather than natural science/physics, maybe some form of para-physics or pata-physics.

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