New Theory of Flight Submitted to AIAA

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The  new mathematical theory of flight explaining why it is possible to fly developed together with Johan Hoffman and Johan Jansson has now been submitted to AIAAThe World’s Forum for Aerospace Leadership, and can be inspected as New Theory of Flight.

The new theory is backed with solid mathematics, physics, computation in close agreement with experimental observation.

The new theory shows in particular that the existing theory propagated in text books and university education based on Kutta-Zhukovsky circulation theory for lift and Prandtl’s boundary layer theory for drag, is incorrect from both mathematics and physics point of view.

The new theory challenges a paradigm of fluid mechanics formed by Prandtl as The Father of Modern Fluid Mechanics, which has ruled uncontested for 100 years. We known by Kuhn’s analysis of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions that a change of scientific paradigm is not a kids game and strong opposition to the New Theory is to be expected from the ruling paradigm. But the New Theory has new strong support, while the arguments of the Old Theory has not evolved and are now as dead as their original creators, and thus the outcome of the game at least in the long run is given, and will then require major revisions of text books.

It is surely hard to believe that man learned to master flight during the 20th century based on a mathematical theory which does not describe anything close to real physics, yet this happened. This was only possible with a strict separation between theory and practice, which is against the first principle of science.

The review process by AIAA will be one of the battle grounds between the New and the Old Theory of Flight, and will reported on here.

My blog The Secret of Flight presents the New Theory in easily accessible form for a wider audience including background material and perspectives.

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