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  1. Michael

    I refer to: THE SECRET OF FLIGHT (DRAFT), December 5, 2011

    1) page 105, formula 1.22
    The term V x f seems wrong because the volume forces (f) are centered and thus lack of torque and you will always have V x f = 0.
    This term must be replaced with V x (v V ²u) = v V ²ω according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vorticity
    because vorticity is always created and/or destroyed by the viscosity acting together to gradient of velocity in the direction normal to it.

    2) Figure 25.1
    I cannot understand how the vortex is made as there is needed a very strong circuitation that cannot be generated by the very small oscillations of the stagnation points at the trailing edge.

  2. claesjohnson

    Vorticity is not created only by viscosity but also by opposing
    flow which is exponentially unstable and generates 3d rotational separation as the main element of the new theory of flight.

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