Kuhn and the New Theory of Flight

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The New Theory of Flight is now confronting the ruling paradigm of aerodynamics formed by the Fathers of Modern Aerodynamics Kutta, Zhukovsky and Prandtl, which has dominated all through the 20th century into present time.

The New Theory is based on computational solution of the Navier-Stokes equations and thus represents information society, while the Old Theory of Kutta-Zhukovsky-Prandtl is based on singularities and boundary layers which cannot be resolved computationally and thus are beyond both falsification and justification.

The ruling paradigm control the science through leading academic institutions and scientific journals such as  Journal of Fluid Mechanics and AIAA Journal.

The New Theory was submitted to AIAA Journal in March 2012 and is now far into the review process. The New Theory directly challenges the Old Theory and the evaluation by AIAA represents the first real match between the two theories of which only one can be correct.

The question is if the Old Theory will be able to defend itself to the attack from the New Theory, or if aerodynamics in the sense of Kuhn will now be thrown into a shift of paradigm?

You can follow the match on this blog and on The Secret of Flight.

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