Claes Johnson is professor of applied mathematics at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, has written more than 100 articles and 10 books in the general area of computational mathematics and science, and has  11 students and 24 descendants.

Contact: claesjohnson@gmail.com

The World as Computation presents a philosophy of mathematics and science based on viewing physics as a form of analog computation which can be simulated by digital computation using analog physics hardware. Different aspects of the philosophy are presented under the headlines of the main menu.


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  1. Dr.Lange, Wolfgang

    Mr. Prof. Johnson,
    you wrote in ambsrelativity.pdf in capture 3.2, p. 34, that the Maxwell equitations are not invariant to the Galileian tranformation. Why?
    Wolfgang Lange

  2. claesjohnson

    This is shown in (17.9) having an additional term in transformed coordinates.

  3. Yo

    I am not a professional mathematician, or a physicist for that matter, but I know maths quite well and more than enough to see einstein’s errors screaming at me from the paper. I find it unbelievable that there are armies of “Phd’s” who still do not accept that that “genius” had no idea about basic math.

    One of many of his gross errors is about the secondary system K’ traveling at speed, away from the stationary system K, and a wave (of light I guess?) is emitted from it. According to einstein, the wave would emit in a circle, and he throws at a reader Lorentz transformation, as his own and as a proof. However, when we actually look at the Lorentz transformation, and calculate it correctly, it turns out that the function produces an ellipse, not a circle, as “genius” claims.

    What more one wants? The twins? If one twin travels through a space with the speed of light, all that will ever happen is that he will arrive back to the Earth VERY quickly. S/he won’t be any younger than her/his sibling.

    By defeating the SR, his GR fails as well. To claim anything else is to admit stupidity. I am pointing my finger at greene as I find him especially pathetic, but hawking and the rest are equally undeserving of their doctorates.

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