Many-Minds Not Many-Worlds Quantum Mechanics

science must be reasonable



The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics lacks reason and thus is not science.

From Copenhagen to Many-Worlds

The Copenhagen Interpretation CI of quantum mechanics presented in text books no longer seems to be supported by a majority of physicists according to a poll in a 1997 quantum mechanics workshop, in which the Many-Worlds Interpretation MWI suggested by Hugh Everett III scored first.
MWI is a completely stunning theory claiming that everything that possibly can happen also does happen, not in our world,  but in some other world parallel to ours. Since there are many possibilities there are many parallel worlds. In some of which we would be immensly rich and famous, in some Schrödinger’s cat would be alive and in other dead.

MWI’s main conclusion is that the universe is composed of a quantum superposition of very many, possibly infinitely many, increasingly divergent, non-communicating parallel universes or quantum worlds.

Such a theory seems utterly metaphysical or even pataphysical and MWI can hardly be viewed as a scientific theory, but the question why such a theory can attract a majority of physicists requires an answer.

                                Hugh Everett I – IV in different non-communicating worlds. 

Why MWI?

There must be some very strong reason to believe in something as strange as MWI, so what is the reason? First, it must be a disbelief in CI, and an apparent lack of any other alternative to some fundamental problem, but which is this fundamental problem? What forces quantum physicists into absurdities? The answer is simple and clear:

  • the nature of the Schrödinger equation as a linear equation in a multidimensional wave function
  • the impossibility of giving the multi-dimensional wave function a physical meaning.

In the CI the impossiblity is handled by viewing the wave function as a non-physical probability. MWI replaces probability by likewise non-physical many-worlds. The big trouble which has driven physicists into desperation is the insistence to formulate the Schrödinger equation as a linear equation at the price of allowing the solution to depend on 3N spatial dimensions for a collection of N kernels and electrons. For N > 1 the solution cannot be given a direct physical meaning and probability or many-worlds is introduced to handle the dilemma, however at the price of giving up scientific reason.  

Return to an Age of Reason of Our World

As explained in Many-Minds Quantum Mechanics (which is very different from the many-minds interpretation by Zeh) the formulation of the Schrödinger equation is not given by God, but can be changed by humans, and there are many possible formulations as a non-linear system of wave equations in terms of a set of three-dimensional wave equations, which can be given a physical meaning, in the spirit of Schrödinger, the inventor of the wave equation of quantum mechanics. One example is given by Kohn-Sham equations in the electron density.

                                   Kohn-Sham electron density for an oligopeptide molecule.

Thus giving up linearity makes it possible to avoid the difficulty of a multi-dimensional non-physical solution. And there is no reason to insist that quantum mechanics must be linear and allow superposition. The idea of a superposition of an alive and a dead cat is not reasonable and science must be reasonable. Science without reason, is not science. Linearity at the price of non-physical solutions is not reasonable and thus not science. Non-linear physics is reasonable and thus can be science. The age of reason is not yet over…and age of reason in one world formed by many-minds…

                                    Many-Minds forming an Age of Reason in One World.

                                     One-Mind forming and Age of Unreason for Many-People.