Simulation Technology

simulation = change we can believe in



We present aspects of simulation in our information society based on different forms of computation.

I think/simulate, therefore I am. (Descartes)
All thought is a form of computation. (Hobbes)

Simulating = Computing = Thinking = Existing

This Knol is related to a Icarus educational program in Simulation Technology.

Simulation = Playing with Models 

          • tale, legend, folksong
          • literature
          • arts
          • religion
          • science
          • politics
          • games
          • mind/self = simulation of (body + mind/self) =…
Simulations of/by Joyce/Beckett                      Jack Nicholson simulating himself


novel: words

  • theatre, film: word + image + sound
  • science: word, mathematical symbol, models
  • politics: West-East, North-South, Good-Evil…
  • religion: God, Soul, Heaven, Hell…
  • finance: stocks, options…
    Simulations with a model of the World in the White House situation room.


            • talk, sing, dance, kick, hit
            • write, draw
            • compute: pen and paper
            • compute: computer
            • interact: mouse, joy stick


  • school university
  • finance market, business, insurance
  • church parliament court
  • theatre
  • cafe kitchen table bedroom
  • myspace, facebook, blogosphere, World of Warcraft….
  • mirror

  Interactive parliament game reflecting different simulations of the future.

Characteristics: Change + Interaction 

  • interactive = feed back
  • dynamic = change in time = time-stepping
  • change we can believe in = realistic
  • reality, virtual reality, hyperreality, brand name

Meaning: Symbols
  • the road (to the goal) is the goal
  • the medium = the message: McLuhan’s equation
  • the computation/simulation = the message
  • doing vs being:  democratic vs aristocratic
  • representation: symbols

Global Warming?

  • climate model = differential equation 
  • computer number crunching
  • simulations of different scenarios…
  • fate of humanity???


  • virtual reality can be shared/duplicated
  • unification – diversity – free access to information
  • real reality cannot be shared — splitting
  • file sharing: Pirate Bay
  • free bits = free information?

                                        Founders of Pirate Bay at your service.


Learning by Simulation

  • basic: Newton’s law
  • derived: Keplers laws
  • construct model
  • play with model — interactivity
  • learning principles
  • learning by doing/constructing models and solutions
  • simulate — discover — learn — simulate….. 
  • learning = playing a (computer) game
  • learning simulation technology = constructing/playing games
  • = e-learning at its best.

                                                         Mass education

Sampling-Synthesis vs Simulation-Emulation

  • speech   mechanical 
  • emulation: mathematical circuit model: Softube:
  • It takes a model of great complexity and accuracy to make a digital replica sound like the original with all settings and inputs.

Mathematics in Science/Application

The common standpoint that mathematics is the basis of society, is expressed by the famous physicist E. Wigner in:

However, it is unreasonable to believe that something can be unreasonably effective, and it is more resonable to turn Wigner´s statement into:

  • The Resonable Ineffectiveness of Analytical Mathematics.

But if you replace Mathematics by Computational Mathematics and believe that the computational power of the computer is unreasonable, then Wigner´s statement becomes more reasonable.  

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