The Brainwash by Bohr

why end physics if it is not necessary?



Quantum mechanics based on a linear Schrödinger equation with multi-dimensional wave function leads into the non-physical Copenhagen Interpretation threatening to lead physics into a dead end. Formulating instead the Schrödinger equation as a non-linear system of three-dimensional wave functions, opens to a physical interpretation and new possibilities.

Niels Bohr brainwashed a whole generation of theorists into thinking that the job of interpreting quantum theory was done 50 years ago. (1969 Nobel Laureate Murray Gell-Mann)

I am saying that this theory display the utter irrationality, that somewhere in this theory is lost the distinction between the reality and our knowledge about this reality. The result have traits more of medieval black magic than of the science.  (Julian Jaynes)
Atoms and the elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than things of the facts. (Heisenberg)
There is no quantum world. There is only an abstract quantum mechanical description. (Bohr) 
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The End of Modern Physics

Modern physics is based on quantum mechanics and relativity theory, but physicists cannot agree on the scientific meaning and content of these subjects and are therefore unable to combine the two into a unified 
foundation of modern physics. The result is a permanent crisis referred to as The End of Physics

Multi-Dimensional Wave Function Without Meaning

The basis of quantum mechanics is the Schrödinger wave equation expressing a balance between potential and kinetic energy of a collection of N atomic kernels and electrons interacting by attractive and repulsive Coulomb electrostatic forces. 

The confusion surrounding quantum mechanics originates from the standard view of considering the Schrödinger equation as a linear equation for a wave function depending on 3N spatial variables plus time. 
Such a multi-dimensional wave function cannot be given a physical meaning, and this is the root of the trouble of quantum mechanics. 
A mathematical model of physical reality, such as the Schrödinger equation in standard form, which cannot be given any physical meaning, is contradictory: physics as non-physics. But contradictions in science are unacceptable and have to be covered-up one way or the other.  Niels Bohr took on the leading role of formulating the cover-up in the 1920s in what later (1955) was termed the Copenhagen Interpretation (CI) by his former assistant Werner Heisenberg.
Physicists of today seem to view quantum mechanics as some form of mathematical magics without physical meaning and pay lip service to CI without really believing.  From scientific point of view this is, of course, catastrophical and has led into the present crisis of physics as a science. See also Mathematics = Magics? 
An indication of the depth of the crisis is given by the many-worlds interpretation of the multi-dimensional wave function by Hugh Everett III suggesting the co-existence of many parallel worlds realizing all possibilities, a completely absurd idea.
The price of formulating the Schrödinger wave equation as a linear equation, is a multi-dimensional wave function without physical meaning and a permanent crisis. Instead of stubbornly holding on to a linear wave equation without physical solution, it may be better to reformulate the wave equation so that its solutions can be physically meaningful.

System of  Three-Dimensional Wave Functions With Meaning 

The essence of the Schrödinger equation is a balance between potential and kinetic energies of an interacting collection of particles, which can alternatively be expressed as a non-linear system of wave equations for a system of N wave functions in 3 space dimensions plus time. Such a non-linear system of wave functions has a direct physical interpretation as a quantum mechanics analog of a non-linear system of interacting particles in classical mechanics like a planetary system. We refer to this version of quantum mechanics as Many-Minds Quantum Mechanics which we are currently exploring as a possible way to avoid coming to an End of Physics. We live in one many-minds world but not in one of many worlds.

                                    A non-linear system of interacting agents on Wall Street.

                         Pieces of DNA molecules consisting of interacting kernels and electrons.

The Test

To see how ridiculus Bohr’s quantum mechanics is, try replacing physics in Bohr’s statement
  • Physics concerns what we can say about physics, nothing more!
by anything else:
  • Love concerns what we can say about love, nothing more!
  • Sex concerns what we can say about sex, nothing more!
  • Food concerns what we can say about food, nothing more!
  • Art concerns what we can say about art, nothing more!
  • Music concerns what we can say about music, nothing more!
  • Bohr is what we can say about Bohr, nothing more!
  • ….
Do you think that Bohr can pass any test of scientific reason?

         But listen Einstein to what I say: Physics concerns what we can say about physics, nothing more!

Criticism of CI

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