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Universal Quantum of Action: Standard Without Universality

Plank’s constant is in physics text books being presented as a universal quantum of action as a smallest “packet of action” as a fundamental constant of fundamental significance in the “quantized” world we happen to be part of, in fact is nothing but a conversion standard from two measures of energy, in terms of frequency […]

Quantum Mechanics as Digital Continuum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics was born in 1900 in Planck’s theoretical derivation of a modification of Rayleigh-Jeans law of blackbody radiation based on statistics of discrete “quanta of energy” of size , where is frequency and is Planck’s constant…continuation here  

Mystery of Planck’s Constant Uncovered

Planck introduced Planck’s constant  in his proof of Planck’s law using statistics based on an ad hoc assumption that the “smallest packet of energy” or “quantum of action” of a wave of frequency is equal to . Later appeared in Schrödinger’s wave equation as a measure of the diameter of an atom. Planck’s constant thus has […]

Blackbody Dynamics

Model of One Blackbody In our series on blackbody radiation we have mostly focussed on radiative equilibrium, and so let us now consider the more general question of the dynamics of radiative interaction of  two blackbodies of different temperature. We recall our model for one blackbody subject to radiative forcing, explored in Mathematical Physics of Blackbody […]

Grey vs Black Body

What is a blackbody? What is a greybody? Here are answers: As a model of blackbody radiation I consider in Mathematical Physics of Blackbody Radiation and Computational Blackbody Radiation a wave equation expressing force balance: where the subindices indicate differentiation with respect to space and time , and is out-of-equlibrium force of a vibrating string with displacement , is Abraham-Lorentz (radiation […]

Finite Precision Blackbody Radiation vs Uncertainty Principle

There is a connection between the new analysis of blackbody radiation based on finite precision computation presented in Mathematical Physics of Blackbody Radiation, and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which I now elucidate: As presented in Universality of Blackbody Radiation I consider a wave model with a switch from outgoing radiation to internal heating at a temperature dependent […]

The Catch-22 of CO2 Alarmism

In the preceding sequence of posts we identified the Catch-22 of CO2 alarmism or Catch-CO2, coming from the universality of blackbody radiation with the radiation from a radiating gas being independent of its concentration: Universality gives even a trace gas like CO2 a radiative effect. Universality shows that doubling of CO2 has no effect. Here […]

Any Climate Change from Doubled CO2?

In our exploration of blackbody radiation we have been led to the idea that the temperatures of different blackbodies in radiative contact are measured by comparison with a reference blackbody used as a thermometer defining the temperature scale for each blackbody. Effectively, this gives a Planck law of the form (with simplified cut-off) for , […]

Physics as Analog Computation

Let us present an example illustrating our main idea of The World as Computation with physics viewed as different forms of analog computation with finite time step, which can be simulated by digital computation with finite time step. Time-Stepping the Blackbody Equation To solve the blackbody model equation where is a small positive coefficient of […]

What Is a Blackbody, Really?

Let us check how the notion of blackbody is defined in physics literature. Wikipedia tells us: A blackbody absorbs all incident radiation. A black body is an ideal emitter: it emits as much or more energy at every frequency than any other body at the same temperature. An approximate realization of a black body is a hole in […]

Universality of Blackbody Radiation

Blackbody as Cavity with Graphite Walls The above figure is used to convey the idea of universality of blackbody radiation: The radiation spectrum from the cavity (with walls of graphite) viewed through the peep-hole of the cavity, is observed to only depend on the temperature of the body placed in the cavity and not the […]

Interaction Light-Matter: Trivial and Nontrivial

The central problem of physics at the turn to the 20th century concerned the emission and absorption of radiation as interaction between matter and light, formulated as the problem of blackbody radiation. This is analogous to the interaction between a loudspeaker as matter and sound waves in the surrounding air. There are two approaches to this […]

Planck’s Fall: The Dark Side of Success

The recent sequence of posts on about  Max Planck and  Planck’s Radiation Law connects to an earlier sequence on my other blog: Two-Way Transfer of Heat as OLR/DLR Violates the 2nd Law Picture of CMB from Resonance, Not Radiative Heating Radiative Heat Transfer: History Do Living Physicists Support DLR/Backradiation? The posts tell a Faustian story […]

Planck’s Confession

The more success the quantum theory has, the sillier it looks (Einstein) The Theory of Heat Radiation (1914) is a translation of the Second Edition of Planck’s Wärmestrahlung.  Planck states in the Preface to the First Edition that The Theory of Heat Radiation is based on the Eight Lectures on Theoretical Physics given at the University of Berlin in 1907 including the […]

Planck’s Mistake?

r This is a direct continuation of the previous post Planck’s Proof vs New Proof. The idea of “backradiation” which serves to motivate CO2 alarmism, can be traced back to Planck’s monumental treatise The Theory of Heat Radiation from 1914, where Planck on page 1 describes the physics of radiative heat transfer as follows: All heat rays […]

Planck’s Proof of Planck’s Law vs New Proof

Max Planck took, as a leading proponent of the emerging German Empire at the turn to the 20th century, on the mission to solve the main open problem of classical electromechanics (interaction of matter and electromagnetic waves) of blackbody radiation, expressing his ambition as follows: The spectral density of black body radiation … represents something […]

Absorption Spectrography vs New Proof of Planck’s Law

Absorption spectroscopy can be used as experimental support of the new derivation of Planck’s Law presented in Mathematical Physics of Blackbody Radiation and Computational Blackbody Radiation and discussed in the recent post Two Proofs of Planck’s Law vs Backradiation. The experimental setup is illustrated in the above picture showing the recording of two spectra: An absorption line spectrum […]

From Spectrum to Heat Transfer

This is a continuation of the previous post Two Proofs of Planck’s Law vs Backradiation with a clarification that the spectrum is like a boxing weigh-in giving information about potential before match rather than actual exchange during match. It is a common belief that the spectrum of blackbody directly translates to transfer of heat energy according […]

Danger of Using Statistics as Physics

The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart shows the danger of throwing dice to decide the physics of your life. The previous post Two Proofs of Planck’s Law vs Backradiation illustrates the danger of introducing statistics into physics: CO2 alarmism exploits the concept of backradiation to send the message that the atmospheric trace gas can CO2 cause […]

Two Proofs of Planck’s Law vs Backradiation

Planck trying to convince a disbelieving Bohr that his proof of Planck’s Law is correct. On the blackboard: Maxwell’s equations. Backradiation and Planck’s Law My recent debate with Roy Spencer and Fred Singer and others about the concept of backradiation, which has come to play a fundamental role in CO2 alarmism, illustrates the danger of […]

The Temperature of Empty Space?

After insisting that backradiation is real physics and not just fiction, Roy Spencer takes on to determine the temperature of empty space in Yes, Virginia, the “Vacuum” of Space Does Have a “Temperature“. By a clever use of quotation marks, Roy states something which can be  “interpreted” in “any way “you” want”. Let us here try […]

Can Roy Spencer Describe the “Greenhouse Effect”?

Roy Spencer makes a new try to explain the “greenhouse effect” to the people in More Musings from the Greenhouse by recalling the “blanket theory”: If you are lying in bed and are too cold, you can turn up the electric blanket (increase energy gain), or add a regular blanket (decrease the rate of energy loss). […]

Dark Energy and the European Crisis

Here is a little Christmas and New Year puzzle to all readers of The World as Computation: There is a strong connection between turbulence black body radiation expansion of the Universe driven by dark energy the European economical crisis which all share the phenomenon of local collapse balanced by global expansion as explained in Computational […]