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Planck’s Mistake?

r This is a direct continuation of the previous post Planck’s Proof vs New Proof. The idea of “backradiation” which serves to motivate CO2 alarmism, can be traced back to Planck’s monumental treatise The Theory of Heat Radiation from 1914, where Planck on page 1 describes the physics of radiative heat transfer as follows: All heat rays […]

Planck’s Proof of Planck’s Law vs New Proof

Max Planck took, as a leading proponent of the emerging German Empire at the turn to the 20th century, on the mission to solve the main open problem of classical electromechanics (interaction of matter and electromagnetic waves) of blackbody radiation, expressing his ambition as follows: The spectral density of black body radiation … represents something […]

Can Roy Spencer Describe the “Greenhouse Effect”?

Roy Spencer makes a new try to explain the “greenhouse effect” to the people in More Musings from the Greenhouse by recalling the “blanket theory”: If you are lying in bed and are too cold, you can turn up the electric blanket (increase energy gain), or add a regular blanket (decrease the rate of energy loss). […]