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Clay Navier-Stokes Millennium Problem Solved

One of the 7 Clay Mathematics Institute $1 million Millennium Problems concerns existence and regularity of solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations. The problem was formulated in 2000 and I discussed certain very problematic aspects of the formulation in the following articles from 2008: On the Uniqueness of Weak Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Equations Is the Clay Navier-Stokes Problem Wellposed? also addressed […]

Dark Energy: Repulsion from Implosion?

Is it possible to explain by energy conservation the apparent expansion of the Universe with galaxies seemingly repelling each other, as a compensation for the potential energy lost in the formation of galaxies by gravitational implosion? In short: Local implosion balanced by global explosion. Let us explore this natural and simple idea. Let us thus […]

Scientists and Science in Cartoons

The Truth of Cartoons: What Is So Funny? A cartoon can tell a truth in a drastic funny way, a truth which cannot be told bluntly without comic, because that would violate social conventions. The cartoon is funny because it is true: If a person is fat, it is funny to depict the person as very […]

My Book of Knols

My collection of Google Knols named My Book of Knolshas now been moved to this site as a collection of articles under the following headlines: philosophy of science mathematics mathematics/science education Newtonian mechanics fluid mechanics thermodynamics quantum mechanics theory of relativity global climate economy applications software I plan to update the articles on their new home.