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Questioning Relativity 3: Equivalence Principle 1

The Equivalence Principle EP states that inertial mass is equal to gravitational (or heavy) mass. In Newtonian mechanics EP can be seen as a definition of inertial mass in terms of gravitational mass and a definition of force in terms of gravitational force via Newton’s 2nd Law Force = Mass x Acceleration, or F = […]

Newtonian Unified Field Theory?

No Unified Field Theory Modern physics is supposedly based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity for gravitation, Maxwell’s electromagnetics  and quantum mechanics, but there is no unified field theory including both gravitation and electro/quantum mechanics. Einstein spent the later half of his life in lonely fruitless search of a unified theory, while the physics community came […]

Newtonian Gravitation of Matter and Antimatter

I have drafted the cosmological model presenting itself in recent posts in more precise terms in the article: Newtonian Gravitation of Matter and Antimatter which is now available for inspection. Computational simulations are awaiting. Compare with Computational Thermodynamics, Chap 32.

Cosmology in a Nutshell: God’s Equation

Here is a clue to a solution of the Christmas and New Year puzzle in the previous post in the form of the Euler equations for a self-gravitating gas: God’s Equation: Matter and Antimatter According to the mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace, the World is governed by the differential equation: where is the gravitational potential depending on space-time […]

Dark Energy: Repulsion from Implosion?

Is it possible to explain by energy conservation the apparent expansion of the Universe with galaxies seemingly repelling each other, as a compensation for the potential energy lost in the formation of galaxies by gravitational implosion? In short: Local implosion balanced by global explosion. Let us explore this natural and simple idea. Let us thus […]

My Book of Knols

My collection of Google Knols named My Book of Knolshas now been moved to this site as a collection of articles under the following headlines: philosophy of science mathematics mathematics/science education Newtonian mechanics fluid mechanics thermodynamics quantum mechanics theory of relativity global climate economy applications software I plan to update the articles on their new home.