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Schrödinger’s Equation: Smoothed Particle Dynamics

Eigenfunctions of the Hamiltonian for Hydrogen with eigenvalues representing the sum of kinetic and potential energies, with Schrödinger’s equation as a smoothed version of the particle dynamics of a harmonic oscillator. This is continuation of the previous post How to Make Schrödinger’s Equation Physically Meaningful + Computable. Consider the basic case of the Hydrogen atom […]

Universal Quantum of Action: Standard Without Universality

Plank’s constant is in physics text books being presented as a universal quantum of action as a smallest “packet of action” as a fundamental constant of fundamental significance in the “quantized” world we happen to be part of, in fact is nothing but a conversion standard from two measures of energy, in terms of frequency […]

Quantum Mechanics as Digital Continuum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics was born in 1900 in Planck’s theoretical derivation of a modification of Rayleigh-Jeans law of blackbody radiation based on statistics of discrete “quanta of energy” of size , where is frequency and is Planck’s constant…continuation here  

Mystery of Planck’s Constant Uncovered

Planck introduced Planck’s constant  in his proof of Planck’s law using statistics based on an ad hoc assumption that the “smallest packet of energy” or “quantum of action” of a wave of frequency is equal to . Later appeared in Schrödinger’s wave equation as a measure of the diameter of an atom. Planck’s constant thus has […]

Quantum Mechanics and Observation

David Albert kills the new book A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing by Lawrence Krauss in the NYT review On The Origin of Everything with Where, for starters, are the laws of quantum mechanics themselves supposed to have come from? Krauss is more or less upfront, as it turns out, about […]

Newtonian Unified Field Theory?

No Unified Field Theory Modern physics is supposedly based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity for gravitation, Maxwell’s electromagnetics  and quantum mechanics, but there is no unified field theory including both gravitation and electro/quantum mechanics. Einstein spent the later half of his life in lonely fruitless search of a unified theory, while the physics community came […]

Dark Age of Physics: Parallel Universes

The recent book The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of Cosmos by Brian Greene is presented as follows: The possibility of other universes existing alongside our own like holes in “a gigantic block of Swiss cheese” seems more likely every day.  Beginning with relativity theory, the Big Bang, and our expanding universe, Greene […]

My Book of Knols

My collection of Google Knols named My Book of Knolshas now been moved to this site as a collection of articles under the following headlines: philosophy of science mathematics mathematics/science education Newtonian mechanics fluid mechanics thermodynamics quantum mechanics theory of relativity global climate economy applications software I plan to update the articles on their new home.