Mathematics/Science Education

Why Teach Mathematics?

We discuss aspects of the role and practice of mathematics in education from elementary school to university. We seek answer to the question of how much mathematics Obama needs to know.

Modern Mathematics Education

A reform of mathematics education is necessary to make it conform to the modern information society based on computational mathematics.

Why/What Mathematics for Engineers?

Mathematics education for engineers is today the same as 50-100 years ago, while the computer has radically changed the mathematics of engineering practice . The consequences of this mismatch are serious and education reform is needed, and possible.

Simulation Technology

We present aspects of simulation in our information society based on different forms of computation.

How to (Not) Organize a University

The traditional division into disciplines of science and technology based on a one department – one equation principle, is no longer functional and needs to be replaced by a new interdisciplinary organization on a common ground of computational mathematics.

The Body and Soul Project

Body and Soul is a mathematics education reform project combining analytical and computational mathematics into a foundation of modern information/industrial society.

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