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Newtonian Unified Field Theory?

No Unified Field Theory Modern physics is supposedly based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity for gravitation, Maxwell’s electromagnetics  and quantum mechanics, but there is no unified field theory including both gravitation and electro/quantum mechanics. Einstein spent the later half of his life in lonely fruitless search of a unified theory, while the physics community came […]

Newtonian Gravitation of Matter and Antimatter

I have drafted the cosmological model presenting itself in recent posts in more precise terms in the article: Newtonian Gravitation of Matter and Antimatter which is now available for inspection. Computational simulations are awaiting. Compare with Computational Thermodynamics, Chap 32.

Laplace’s Equation as God’s Equation

In recent posts we have met the following differential equation, referred to as Poisson’s or Laplace’s equation in mathematics literature: where is a gravitational potential and represents the presence of matter (where and antimatter (where ). This equation is the basis of Laplace’s monumental treatise in 5 volumes on Celestial Mechanics (1799-1825) and thus may […]

Repulsion between Matter and Antimatter

Matter and antimatter propelled nearly to the speed of light by the Crab pulsar, from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope/Getty Images. The previous post on God’s equation connects to the recent article (2011) on antigravity and antimatter by M. Villata CPT symmetry and antimatter gravity in general relativity. Villata derives mutual […]

Cosmology in a Nutshell: God’s Equation

Here is a clue to a solution of the Christmas and New Year puzzle in the previous post in the form of the Euler equations for a self-gravitating gas: God’s Equation: Matter and Antimatter According to the mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace, the World is governed by the differential equation: where is the gravitational potential depending on space-time […]

Dark Energy and the European Crisis

Here is a little Christmas and New Year puzzle to all readers of The World as Computation: There is a strong connection between turbulence black body radiation expansion of the Universe driven by dark energy the European economical crisis which all share the phenomenon of local collapse balanced by global expansion as explained in Computational […]

Dark Energy: Repulsion from Implosion?

Is it possible to explain by energy conservation the apparent expansion of the Universe with galaxies seemingly repelling each other, as a compensation for the potential energy lost in the formation of galaxies by gravitational implosion? In short: Local implosion balanced by global explosion. Let us explore this natural and simple idea. Let us thus […]

Dark Age of Physics: Parallel Universes

The recent book The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of Cosmos by Brian Greene is presented as follows: The possibility of other universes existing alongside our own like holes in “a gigantic block of Swiss cheese” seems more likely every day.  Beginning with relativity theory, the Big Bang, and our expanding universe, Greene […]

Questioning the Cosmological Principle

I am not the only one to question The Cosmological Principle (CP) that the Universe must look the same in all directions from all points of observation.  CP is presented as the logical extension of the Copernican Principle that the Earth does not have a central favored position: If the Earth does not have a central […]

How to Get a Nobel Prize

The previous post Is the Cosmological Principle (CP) Valid? suggests the following scientific method to get a Nobel Prize: Make an ad hoc unphysical assumption like CP: The Universe is isotropic and homogeneous. Make observations indicating that CP is not valid. Insist that CP anyway is valid, because a Principle is a principle. To fit […]

Is the Cosmological Principle Valid?

The FLWR Cosmological Model The basic mathematical model of cosmology is the FLWR model which is the very simple model resulting from Einstein’s equations assuming the validity of the Cosmological Principle (CP) stating that the Universe on large scales is isotropic (the same in all directions) homogeneous (the same at all locations) or in the formulation […]